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papa benedicto xvi esta maÑana, su llegada a beirut. el presidente del lÍbano, le dio la bienvenida en medio de altos honores. niÑos con flores y cientos de personas con banderas blancas. >>> imÁgenes que contrastan con lo que ocurre en trÍpoli. a 50 millas al norte de beirut. donde decenas de musulmanes, arrancaron los carteles de bienvenida y gritaron consignas en contra del pontÍfice. el papa llega como peregrini de paz y harÁ un bla mado a la unidad del medio oriente en una regiÓn convulsiÓn nada indignados como muchos musulmanes por un video filmado california, que asegura interpreta al profeta mahoma. >>> nada que tiene que ver con dios el profeta puede ser recht do visualmente. >>> los actores en el corto estÁn escandalozado cindy lee garcÍa, actriz y que partos ci po' en la grabaciÓn, lo siente mucho y no pensÓ lo que ocurrirÍa. en este estudio seria una histÓrica aventura Árabe en el desierto. sus diÁlogos fueron cambiados. benedicto xvi espera llevar una luz de esperanza a mÁs de un millÓn de crÍstianos que viven en el lÍbano. >>> me siento muy entusiasmada
, as you can see, from beirut. the former international envoy to syria, unanimous unanimous, is one of the world's most skilled diplomats, but his language is now less than diplomatic. he is described as shameful, the international community's failure to help those caught up in the syrian conflict. his comments come as his successor makes his first visit to syria in his new role. mr. brahimi is due to met president al-assad. unanimous unanimous has been talking to hi colleague. >> to get them to pay even any attention, you have to give them an outline of what the political settlement could be. for them to see it as an alternative to try to achieve the objectives through the battlefield, because they do not do that today, they're going to have to do it tomorrow , whether tomorrow is six months from now or a year, but in the meantime, thousands of syrians would have been killed. thousands have been displaced, if not million, and the international community cannot get its act together to help them, and i think this is one of the most shameless moments in the system. >> as compared to o
-budget anti-muslim film produced in the u.s. hezbollah leader made a rear public appearance in beirut this morning denouncing the film. he called the protest in beirut saying the u.s. must be held accountable for that film. in kabul, the series of anti-american protests are breaking out. hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police and set fire to two cars. they set fire to a compound. in pakistan, two people were killed during anti-american protests there yesterday. demonstrators throughout the middle east and northern africa are angry over the film which was produced in the u.s. and uploaded on youtube. there was unrest after a rumor it would be played on u.s. television. >>> the rise in the anti-american violence has prompted the u.s. government to pull citizens out of the areas. last tuesday, u.s. ambassador and bay area native, chris stevens was killed with three others during the attack on the embassy in libya. arrests have been made linked to the attacks. >>> the woman accused of killing nursing student michelle le is in court today. the hearing is set to begin one year to the
across the middle east. i asked john allen who was in beirut with the pope what made this trip so significant. >> well, when this trip was originally drawn up, i think the idea was for benedict to try to deliver a shot in the arm to the beleaguered christian minority of the middle east, not just lebanon, which has been in decline for a long time, and there's real fear that the land that the christ lived in may one day be empty of christians. in the run up to the trip, it got overtaken by events. now instead of being directed primary at christians, it's at the withhohole world. this is to lift up the face of the middle east, despite the images of violence and chaos we have seen in recent days, there's another story to tell, that there are also places where peaceful coexistence is possible. in effect, i think he's trying to offer a counter narrative, fredricka, to what we have seen spread across the region in recent days. >> how does he do that? how does he try to strike a balance between muslim and christian tensions, especially after what has taken place this week? >> well, the po
and accounted for. in terms of numbers, the biggest demonstration today was in beirut, lebanon, with hezbollah rally bringing an appeal from the hezbollah leader bringing thousands into the streets, but he called for a rally and he tends to get tens of thousands on the street. they have not at this point got near american interests. however, what we are told is abundance of caution, classified documents are being destroyed at the u.s. embassy in beirut as they are in several other embassies across that region. >>shepard: nighttime now in that region. it is quieter in the middle east. >>jonathan: that is the bright side. you look across the middle east itself, rather than asia and southeast asia, you are seeing things are much quieter. for instance, this is cairo tonight: not much sign of many demonstrators at all. remember, we said this on friday, the traditional day of protest in the middle east was a lot quieter although there was action, a lot quieter than many officials had feared it would might be. so it could be that the worse is over. on the other hand, you have this slightly obscure e
associated with the video. meantime, the protests continue. [shouting] today in beirut, lebanon knob the leader of the hezbollah terror group called people to keep demonstrating. the protests there appeared peaceful. the diplomats of the u.s. embassy have reportedly started classifying u.s. material as a precaution. tells the associated press there is no eminent threat to that embassy. however, in other areas the violence pressing right up against the gates. in pakistan, u.s. representatives say all americans at the embassy are okay. after protesters fought with police right outside. >> all of our personnel in pakistan are safe and accounted for. we did have protests that were relatively widespread around the country today. however, most of them have been dispersed peacefully. >> shepard: at one point police say hundreds of pakistanis broke through a barricade and made it to the consulate's out oar wall. cops and security forces fought back the demonstrators. medical official says one protester died in the fighting. many say they're angry over anti-islam video. it's frankly impossibl
. in beirut, the leader of the militant hezbollah group urged the process to continue. earlier protests in afghanistan said fires near a u.s. military base and demonstrators clashed with police in pakistan and indonesia. >> this is about politics and world power. this is about what is taking place in these countries. a tremendously complex and painful transition. >> nato has scaled back operations with afghan policeman to reduce local tensions and the risk of insider attacks. >> mitt romney is rebuilding his campaign. after recent polling shows that president obama is making gains. the president is during battleground states this week. we have the latest on the campaign. >> donna, the president announced a new crackdown on china and iran the camp is pursuing a new strategy, one that focuses -- and the romney camp is pursuing a new strategy, one that focuses on specifics. >> campaigning in ohio, president obama announced a new action against china. >> he made money investing in companies that uprooted from here and went to china. >> he also said that romney is short on specifics. >> they
leader ordering his folks out on the streets today in beirut. he said he waited for the pope to leave. the pope was in over the weekend. the u.s. is working only on emergency basis. staffers and family members have been evacuated over the weekend. this on orders of the state department. this following a deadly riot here near the u.s. embassy compound on friday. we saw that compound ransacked. they are here for a second week of trouble concerning trouble. >> gregg palkot. thanks. >>> as the violent protests continue this morning and continue to spread the white house is sticking to its position the deadly attack on the consulate was not preplanned. this contradicts what we heard from libya's president. steve centanni has more. >> was it a planned attack or not? here is susan rice. >> there is an investigation that has begun and will take some time to complete it. that will hill us can certainty what transpired. our best assessment based on the information we have at present is in fact this began as a spontaneous not a premedicated response to what had transpired in cairo. >> others cle
or cooling down? alex marquardt starts off in beirut. alex. >> reporter: good evening, diane. the protests here in beirut today is bigger than anything we've seen so far anywhere in the region or beyond. it was organized by the powerful militant group hezbollah, whose leader had a very stark warning for america. a massive show of anger today. everyone from boy scouts to clerics poured into the streets. then a surprise, a rare public appearance by the leader of hezbollah, a militant group with the real power here. he's called the film which calls the prophet mu hhammad the worst insult to islam ever. and today warned that if the u.s. doesn't move to ban the film, there will be serious repercussions against the u.s. all around the world. inside the u.s. embassy here tonight, there are reports that they are shredding classified documents because of the protests. the anger in this rally goes well beyond the film. the chants of "death to america" evidence of the fury against an american government that allows these sorts of insults against islam. >> do you believe that people should have the fr
and violent protests. we saw a large one in beirut where hezbollah came out and protest the anti islamic film. froess continue. >> escalating center lines there. >> the white house is claiming the attacks in libya were spontaneous. some say there were definite warnings. >> kelly wright is covering this angle for us. he's live in washington with more. >> according to reports we are getting from fox news our national intelligence correspondent goes on to report there are two-ways to the assault what has been relayed to the intelligence source is in the first wave the attackers were heard to say we got him. speaking of the ambassadors. the second wave went after the motorcade and support personnel. the head of the house intelligence committee who publicly stated it was a premedicated attack explained this was going on. on the attack in benghazi u.s. officials say there was a small demonstration during the day of the attack. at the time of impact during which took place on the u.s. embassy. during that attack stevens and three other americans were killed. they continue to raise more questions abo
and elsewhere. diplomats at the embassy in beirut have begun destroying classified material as a precautionary move. a state department official said there is no imminent threat to the embassy in beirut. but they've renewed their warning to americans traveling to the area. >>> a man leaving a popular d.c. festival in the early evening claims he was punched by attackers who were using anti-gay slurs. he and a friend were leaving the h street festival in northeast d.c. saturday about 7:00 p.m. jackie benson is live with more on what the victim wishes he had done differently. jackie? >> reporter: it was a scary end to a day of fun. the victim now says he wishes he had made a police report. >> i think kind of in the adrenaline of everything going on, you don't think long term about why it's important to have everything on record. and i just wanted to go home. >> reporter: the shiner under matt beck's right eye is healing but it will take much longer for him to forget what happened saturday evening. he and a friend had just attended the h street festival, considered one of the most vibrant diverse
appearance and left the bunker to head out in the middle of beirut calling for continued protests against the united states. they're going to protect the prophet mohammed. a call from how t hezbollah. a lot of military. it may remember they're the ones involved in the 2006 war with israel, lots of rockets and a lot of abilities overseas to launch attacks against american interests and or western interests. we saw violence in afghanistan. they had to beat eaten back from the compound, and in pakistan wherwere they used water cannond tear gas to beat back protesters. they would temporarily close for the day because of the fear of how much anti-american violence would spin out of control in pakistan. there was more violence volatile cocktails, those kind of things. this was all sparked by that movie put on youtube, more of a clip, amateur thing being disrespectful to the prophet mohammed. i interviewed today one of the organizers of the original protest with a movie that began. i asked have you seen this movie? he said no, i haven't, but i heard about it. what is probably important to note,
. >> bill: not like this. >> are you kidding me? beirut, beirut, beirut under reagan. >> bill: he's going to vegas. >> this is like -- look, we have u.s. assets all around the world. every president's had this kind of situation happen much worse than this one. and this president believes you go get the guy -- it's not bravado, you don't say bring it on, you don't send 200,000 troops in. >> bill: why not? there's four americans dead. >> you find them and kill them. that's what happened with osama bin laden on this watch. it's not words or rhetoric. all this is is garbage rhetoric. >> come on, joe! you're defending the indefensible. >> no, i'm not. >> this president has cost us -- >> the bush doctrine -- >> bill: joe, let me the governor finish a sentence. go ahead, governor. >> joe, this is a critical time. this is a part of the world where a transition was taking place. and we should have been there leading it. we should have been there putting pressure on the russians not to be supplying assad. we should have been there providing assistance to those that were fighting in the right direct
of rage. new anti-american attacks already today. >> as protests reach a fever pitch, beirut seeing the largest so far. this time they include some ominous threats from the leader of a well-known militant group. it is tuesday, september 18th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good tuesday morning. i'm sunny hostin. >> i'm john muller. paula and rob are on assignment. more on the protests in a moment. first a look at the other stories we are following this morning. >> the romney camp in crisis mode. the candidate tries to explain some pretty negative comments about obama supporters and entitlements. >>> plus an awkward and emotional courtroom exchange. a woman coming face to face with a man accused of stalking her. he is acting as his own lawyer. >> something you don't see often, actually. someone, they say -- >> yes, i know. be your own lawyer, you have a fool for a client. >> fool for a client. usually always true. let's talk a little bit about clint eastwood. he is going to give an explanation, and sit down to shed some light on what he was thinking when h
, we have syrian opposition activists based in beirut. we have the three syrian army to retreat into lebanese territory. >> the lebanese government has not managed to do much to calm the situation. one reason is that the cabinet is dominated by hezbollah. a shiite militia that also operates as a political party. hezbollah is a close ally of the syrian government and of iran, the main shiite power in the middle east. >> teheran supports hezbollah with weapons and money that come into the country through syria. they depend on having a friendly government in damascus, so has a lot is going to do everything it can to keep assad in power. that means the fighting inside lebanon could escalate. >> but the lebanese people themselves will be wary of the -- becoming involved in another conflict. >> i think that the lebanese are well aware of the risks. they have emerged from a pointless 15-year war themselves. it will not let themselves be exploited. some lebanese politicians are trying to de escalate the conflict. >> in tripoli, the lebanese army is now overseeing a cease-fire. whether o
that other american embassies in beirut and here is also a protest announced for algeria. also in tunisia. >> how strong are the islamists right now in egypt and libya? >> this is a very small group you talk about the islamists -- it is a group of very extreme, ultra-conservative islamists who are trying to get benefits of this situation. they are the ones who organized protests and there were also behind the attack in benghazi. >> what do you think these protests mean? will they be continuing? >> in cairo, it looks like they are continuing. we have a new situation -- during the danish cartoon controversy, that was a time when we had an arab dictatorship and he'll bark was using this issue hits to say if you don't want this, you have to support me. now we have a new situation and knew governments here in egypt. the muslim brother is a president and it will be interesting what is the dynamic within the islamists. is the muslim brotherhood in charge? i think we're up for a confrontation between the two sides. >> thank you very much. the u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton, has condemne
. >> eric: pope benedict has aarrived in lebanon. he landed in beirut within the last hour and spoke to people that gathered at the airport. his three-day visit comes at a time of turmoil with the civil war in neighboring syria and the aftermath of the deadly attack at the u.s. consulate in libya. lebanon has the largest number of christians in the area. >> san francisco is bracing for monday the one-year anniversary the occupy wall street movement. members of occupy san francisco plan to stage several demonstrations. it will end with a march set to begin at 5:00 p.m. on cal street. occupy protestors say the movement has been successful stopping some foreclosures. >> wells fargo has come to the table and now they are sitting down and looking at modification process where it can be successful for the homeowner and the bank. >> kristen: monday's day of action begins with a noontime protest at the war memorial building. demonstrations will also take place in the cast volunteer district and at pg&e headquarters on market street. >> eric: we have made it to friday. it's a lavender sort of
that message. >> there were also angry protests in beirut were not everyone was happy to see the pope. many muslims in lebanon are outraged by the movie trailer that has triggered violence and protests across the region. in tripoli, rioters set fire to a fast food restaurant. but supporters gave benedict a warm welcome in lebanon. during the flight from italy, the pope told reporters that he still hopes for peace. >> fundamentalism is always a falsification of religion and is against the essence of religion, which aims at reconciliation and creating the peace of god in the world. >> during the welcoming ceremony at the airport with the lebanese president, the pope said lebanon could set a positive example for the region. >> the famous balance between religions i 11 on and the goodwill of the lebanese people can be a model for the entire region if not for the entire world. >> then, the pope gave a blessing to lebanese government and church officials. >> mr. president, dear friends, i, as a pilgrim of peace to lebanon and as a friend of god and man. god bless you all. then the pope later held
in crisis pope benedict xvi offered a message of peace in beirut today on a rare visit to lebanon where he said people of different faiths now live together. but in the arab world, anger runs deeper than religion and america is a lightning rod. >> everyone has something against it. so whenever something relates to america happens, everyone is just all fired up. >> reporter: even after the arab spring which the u.s. embraced, america is disliked and mistrusted and not just by muslim militants. >> i think a lot of ordinary people also look at the u.s. and say, why do you support our dictators? >> reporter: some egyptians said they were beginning to change their minds about america until the anti-islam film clip appeared on the internet. now as american embassies and symbols become prime targets around the world the state department is taking no chances. lester? >> jim maceda in cairo, thank you. >>> now to libya where we are learning new details about the attack that killed four americans including the u.s. ambassador there. nbc's ayman mohyeldin is in benghazi tonight where he has an exclus
>>> pope benedict welcomed on his second day in lebanon. in beirut a pope preached a message of peace about the is on a protests and the civil war in syria a population urges lebanese leaders to work as role models for religious tolerance. >>> this is not just for our religion to show the world >>> the christian faith is down to just 5% from 20% of a century ago pope benedict presides over an open air mass hundreds of people expected to attend. an alert for san jose state students the incident that prompted the warning. no more sales tax advantage for amazon customers the changes it makes in his business practice to keep its customer base. >>> in the bay area of dense fog out there and things are changing a sunny sunday on cattan >>> amazon dot com a haven for california shoppers looking to avoid sales tax but that free ride came to an end today. ben tracy on amazons new business plan. >>> p j gallagher has been on an on-line shopping spree >>> buying stuff i thought i would never buy on amazon about outdoor cushions and barbecue covers i could not believe i could buy polyurethane on amazon
weekend. the pope will meet with political and religious leaders and celebrate an outdoor mass in beirut. >>> we have a profile of r hansen, a novelist with a strong imagination. >> reading from the holy gospel according to matthew. >> nearly every day as he has for most of his adult life, ron hansen attends mass. for this deacon at st. joseph of cupertino parish in california, the ceremony brings both comfort and renewal. >> i find nourishment in it. it's a way of being quiet for a while. d et my md focus on just communication with god. >> hansen's religious sensibility isn't limited to rituals like this. it also infuses all eight novels written by this highly acclaimed author. you really do see writing as a kind of sacrament, don't you? >> yes. it's a witness to what god is doing in the world. we're supposed to worship and praise, and i can't think of a better way of worshipping and praising than to write poetry or fiction. >> why? why did you have to come? >> because you're my son. >> "missing pieces" is the made for tv movie of hansen's novel "att "atticus." the story of the prodigal
in beirut, lebanon. the pope was there for three days. the leader of hezbollah told everybody to layoff until he was gone. it is largely peaceful. jonah goldberg, thank you. >> always good to be here. bill: heather. heather: governor romney is set to give a big speech on jobs. his plan to get america back on track. we'll break down the numbers and give you some specifics on that. bill: also that is one major pit stop, a baby in a hurry at the racetrack? even the little tike gets a bit of a prize. we'll explain. >> no way, no way and yes way, i don't think i'm going to make it, well i looked down and i had a head. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely. i want you to know, there's another commitment bp takes just as s
in the beirut area. we are suggesting a five-space loading zone. that would be modified. so, we have done a lot of work. we have a lot more work to do. we know it is a difficult item and i hate to be the one to suggest to people rates are going up. we continue to work with them going forward. we have had continued relationship with the stakeholders. our mind is open. we are looking for creativity. we have looked at a lot of different areas. we will continue to work with them going forward. i will be glad to answer questions. >> thank you, peter. we do have substantial public comment. i want to echo what peter has said, that we to understand this is a difficult issue for stakeholders. but i think that is why we're having an informational session today to hear your comments and have more discussion. and i hope that you can accept that change is difficult. change probably does have to happen. we are just trying to figure out how to manage the change for everybody involved. with that in mind, we will hear comments from ken. i will mention the next name so you're ready to come up. jess rampos -- ram
of hezbollah made a rare public appearance at a rally in beirut denounced an anti-islam film that has created a weeklong protests. he told tens of thousands of supporters the u.s. must be held accountable for the film, because it was produced here. karen travers has the latest. >> reporter: tensions have simmered in the mideast after last week's violent protest but the unrest has spread to other parts of the globe. today large protests in indonesia, philippines, pakistan can buhl, where thousands of afghans burned cars and threw rocks in protest of the anti-muslim film that mocks the prophet mohammed. the fourth day of protests in afghanistan against the low budget film produced in the united states. this man says they will continue to protest, unless the infidels correct themselves. the protests aren't likely to die down any time soon. in will be none the leader of hezbollah has called for massive demonstrations there this week. -- >> in los angeles right now coptic christian and muslim leaders are holding a news conference to denounce the violence in the mideast over that anti-islamic movie
. >>> overseas, leader of hezbollah made a rare public appearance at a rally in beirut denounced an anti-islam film that has created a weeklong protests. he told tens of thousands of supporters the u.s. must be held accountable for the film, because it was produced here. karen travers has the latest. >> reporter: tensions have simmered in the mideast after last week's violent protest but the unrest has spread to other parts of the globe. today large protests in indonesia, philippines, pakistan can buhl, where thousands of afghans burned cars and threw rocks in protest of the anti-muslim film that mocks the prophet mohammed. the fourth day of protests in afghanistan against the low budget film produced in the united states. this man says they will continue to protest, unless the infidels correct themselves. the protests aren't likely to die down any time soon. in will be none the leader of hezbollah has called for massive demonstrations there this week. -- >> in los angeles right now coptic christian and muslim leaders are holding a news conference to denounce the violence in the mideast
to keep protesters out of the building. protesters were the streets of beirut. they called on the hezbollah leader who made a rare appearance. >>> the presidential campaign is in full swing this noontime. president barack obama is in cincinnati ohio where he announced the white house is aggressively going after unfair trade practices by china. president barack obama is demanding china's government stop subsidizing that which costs jobs. >> these are subsidies that directly harm working men and women on the assembly line in ohio and across the midwest. it is not right, it is against the rules and we will not let it stand. >> reporter: the obama administration plans to ask the world trade organization to take action against china for subsidies. >>> and mitt romney fired back against the president's statements today and mitt romney issued a statement accusing mr. obama for ignoring china for too long. he called it too little too late for middle-class families and mitt romney promised he will work from his first day in office to compete in the global market. >> he got the feeli
in beirut. he claimed recent demonstrations were the beginning of an uprising throughout the muslim world. he called for his followers to prevent the publication of " innocent of muslims" and said those responsible should be punished. >> of the united states is just using freedom of expression as an excuse. they need to understand publishing this film will have consequences. >> the controversy surrounding the low-budget film may have come just in time. his support for the long time has blocked ally assad angered many in the arab world. now he can claim to be a defender of the muslim faith. >> the german government is doing all it can to halt the film's public screening here. that decision has sparked a major confrontation with the opposition about censorship and free speech. >> it certainly has. the greens and social democrats say the film, while tasteless, should not be banned the company's interior minister says a public screening would endanger safety and he is being backed up by top police official who once the film could be a spark in several occasions. -- several locations. >> one-p
in beirut. he said the u.s. must understand there would be dangerous consequences if the complete film is broadcast. in kabul, 1000 afghans held violent protests, burning cars and tires and shooting at police. in indonesia, hundreds of protesters threw bombs and rocks outside the american embassy in jakarta. with tensions flaring, foreign policies are suddenly being brought to the forefront of the u.s. presidential campaign. for more on international and domestic concerns, i spoke a brief time ago with washington post associate editor bob woodward, author of the new book "the price of politics." following this controversial film about islam, known the president has to do, what is going through his mind as he weighs the response of the administration? >> what can be done about it that is effective? you try to contain them, you try to mollify them as much as you can, but there is not a whole lot, quite frankly. >> in your book, you reflect on the white house's obsession with the campaign and when -- winning the messaging more. how do you see this latest event playing into the presidentia
in the streets of beirut calling on moslems around the world to continue their outrage against the anti is long video that has started the unrest. in afghanistan those protests turned violent. the demonstrators set vehicles and tires on fire. demonstrators tried to make their way towards the u.s. embassy but were turned away by security personnel. the film at the center of the outrage is believed to be the work of a coptic christian. today in southern california, members of that religious groups join muslims to denounce the religious group and violence >> we strongly condemn any and all violent action and a loss of innocent life >> the film maker who lives in southern california is staying out of sight. more on the protests coming up on the evening news. >> republican presidential rut nominee mitt romney made a fresh appeal to latino voters at the hispanic chamber of commerce in l.a. >> i want to structure a temporary worker visa program so that these meet the needs of employers and by the way, if someone gets an advanced degree i want them to stay here so i would staple a green card to their d
demonstration in beirut. and tonight there are questions about the security in the attack that killed the ambassador. >>> and too much salt in our diets, especially for kids and how many american children are at serious risks. >>> and over the top, the battle over the revealing photos of kate middleton go to court. and as for her, the one thing the royal couple probably didn't need on their overseas trip. nightly news begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc nightly news with brian williams. >>> good evening, there were new protests today against the united states. and this time in some countries where we didn't see unrest last week. indonesia, pakistan, and afghanistan where americans, of course, are already under fire and always targeted. this round stems from the film made of muhammad, that went viral and ignited the rumor mill. it is apparent that u.s. interests overseas may be entering a new phase. we begin in our kabul bureau tonight, with nbc's atia abawi. good evening >> reporter: last week they blocked google, hoping to stop the violent demonstrat
attack. >>> in beirut, thousands of christians and muslims turned out to watch pope benedict as he was driven through the streets. he's on a three-day visit to lebanon. there was heavy security. soldiers monitored the crowds who had been gathering for hours. >> we're here to support the pope, and also to get support from him, because our experience has been that when we listen to him, we are helped in our lives and touched. >> later the pope addressed a crowd of thousands of young people telling them not to let discrimination, unemployment and instability drive them abroad. he told the syrian christians in the crowd, quote, the pope has not forgotten you. >>> u.s. banks and money laundering. federal regulators are investigating whether several banks failed to monitor transactions properly allowing criminals to launder money. it includes some of the biggest banks cluding j.p. morgan, chase and bank of america. the newspaper says the office of the comptroller of currency could soon take action against the two companies. >>> a striking teachers in chicago are ready to make a deal and
n mujeres quemaron banderas de estados unidos y fotografías del presidente barack obama >>> en beirut, el líder del hezbollá, instó a más protestas y dice que estados unidos lleve a juicio a los ofensores del islam. >>> mientras tanto el creador de la película ,continúa bajo la lupa de las autoridades de estados unidos, basley no tenía permitido el acceso a internet ni cambiar su identidad >>> el gobierno de irán dijo que localizará a los responsables de grabar el video, donde dicen que se burlan del profeta mahoma y más de 1500 millones de musulmanes en el mundo. >>> gracias, adriana, ahora pasando a otras informaciones, desmantelaron a dos bandas que secuestraban empresarios en ciudad de méxico, y una de sus integrantes es una adolescente de el paso, texas, la menor fue arrestada. >>> también confiscaron armas y vehículos en el operativo. >>> la violencia sigue causando problemas a los políticos mexicanos, donde dos políticos del pri fueron asesinados, jaime serrano, fue asesinado, mientras que eduardo castro luque fue asesinado en sonora. >>> al menos 17 cadáveres fueron h
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